Made in Germany
and handwork,
that is your shoe!


SCHÜRR Profi-Shoes - handmade in Germany

SCHÜRR started manufacturing antistatic-, OP- and slip resistant working shoes and safety shoes in 1973. But our shoemaker tradition has its origins back in 1754. That's more than 250 years of competence in producing shoes.

For more than 40 years, SCHÜRR is known for high quality "made in Germany". Our location in Schwarzenbach/S. is very important for our regionally rooted company, to guarantee consistent quality and satisfy customer demands. We always remained faithful to this philosophy. The satisfaction of our customers is emphasise this statement. By this, we know that the expectations, especially for working shoes are very high. Highest possible quality combined with high comfort at wearing - these requests are the base of every well-being at work. We take these requirements really serious and feel committed to work progressive and innovative.

We offer a wide range of working- and safety shoes with perfect fitting properties. We develope and produce modern shoes made of high quality material, which are comfortable and accord to the strict safety requirements. As expert for OP-shoes, our wide range of products leaves nothing to be desired and accords to every special requirement in washability and disinfection. 

Our SCHÜRR triple cushioning and SCHÜRR triple cushioning plus as well as our anti-slip outsole are registered to the German Patent Office (DBGM).